"Goin out for a burger"
Steppin Back at Zack's

A few years back while Mac was workin on their first million under the golden arches, "goin out for a burger" meant ridin down to the local burger joint with your friends and grabbin a "real burger" with anything in the world you wanted on it.  I had forgotten about those days until I drove up to Zack's Hamburgers. It all came back once I hit the door and stepped inside. I knew I was either in Hamburger Heaven or an episode of the Twilight Zone. In one corner some teens were giggling between cheesburgers and in another corner an elderly couple twinkle-eyed their plates full of fish and fries.
Not a bad vibe in the place. everybody seemed happy to be right where they were. Spooky Huh?
Then as I look over the counter I see this great big smile with a face on it named George and he seems to be  happier to be right here than everybody else combined. I was really startin to worry. What were they puttin in the food? The great big smile recommended I try a Zack's Special .
I sat down in front of a real hamburger and drifted back to those good ole days. I listened to George talk to each customer like he knew them well and he   would see them tommorrow. By the time I finished my Zack's Special I learned that the great big smile owned the place and he did know all those people well and  the only thing he was puttin in the food was years of experience makin a great burger.
Zacks makes a great burger and when you add the personality and fun the place has I can see why the folks keep comin back for the Zack Attack.
He started out with a good thing and never changed it!
I also know why George is so happy. he's got a beautiful family and he's got the best burger in town.
I'm not Kiddin'

Tommy Nations